Introducing Our Sustainable Olive Oil System

The freshest batch of our hand-harvested and organic Sicilian olive oil, made from cold-pressed, single-harvest 100% Biancolilla olives—a deliciously versatile kitchen cornerstone that works beautifully for cooking, roasting, finishing, and anything in between.

Our individual 12oz refill pouches are designed for decanting with ease into either our signature glass vessel or a reusable bottle of your choosing. Our most economic offering, the olive oil pouches provide 35% savings while minimizing net environmental impact through 100% plant-based, certified recyclable packaging. Our carbon negative olive oil pouches are available á la carte or as part of a monthly Le Marké subscription.

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Our packaging and products have been developed with entirely compostable and recyclable materials, including carbon neutral and FSC-certified papers and glass bottles. Most importantly, our net footprint is reduced through a refillable system that supports conscious reuse.