We’re guided by making decisions that support the future we want — for ourselves, our communities, and our planet. We celebrate what it means to consciously reduce our imprint on the environment while soaking up as much beauty, joy, and connection as possible out of daily life.

Le Marké’s glass vessels are designed for reuse and longevity, intended to live as beautiful, functional daily fixtures in your kitchen and on your table…and to reframe the efforts of sustainable living into ease-filled rituals. 

Across all other offerings our packaging is entirely recyclable or compostable. Our carbon negative refill pouches are made from 100% plant-based materials.  Our shipping boxes, printed materials, foam inserts, and product boxes are made from FSC-certified materials that are carbon neutral and biodegradable. Through ongoing and dedicated research, we continually strive to transparently make the most responsible choices possible as our industry evolves. 


As a mission-driven, woman-owned business we are guided by the belief that everyone deserves the right to live well–and that an equitable future requires ongoing, conscious support for both people and planet.


Le Marké donates 1% of all proceeds to Women’s Earth Alliance, an organization that provides leadership, strategy, and training for women leaders to scale climate and environmental initiatives while connecting them to a global alliance of peers, mentors, and funding. 



A Letter From Our Founder

Life often unfolds in ways we’re not ready for, yet in the unravelment can come opportunity. I know I’m not alone when I say the last few years have felt tumultuous at best, and more often completely devastating. We’ve faced challenges to our health, freedoms, and wellbeing in ways that have felt impossible to make sense of. And on a personal note I have faced the same need to pause, reevaluate, and perhaps many of you did too. 

Le Marké first presented itself as a small idea; a way to reframe our existing business ILA while utilizing the knowledge I’d been building throughout my career as a chef, entrepreneur, and creator. And yet the further I went down the path, the more it caused me to step back and consider what it means to bring something new into the world that serves a purpose, that amplifies quality of life, and that wholly aligns with a deeper set of values. 

Le Marké is an expression of these lessons learned individually and collectively, a reflection of the cumulative impact of small changes; of the permission to slow down; of distilling experiences to their nourishing essence; of adding sustaining value today and tomorrow. My hope is that together, we can create the space to live a little bit more fully, deeply, and just the way we want. 

Karen Mordechai
Founder + CEO